Mar 25 2021

Save my driving licence

The approach we take to saving your driving licence depends on your circumstances. The first approach is to fight a trial and win – we explain how we approach that task in the pages that deal with individual offences. Winning a trial is not always possible so the second approach is to argue that there is a special reason for you to avoid the consequences of the offence. That may mean arguing that the driving ban or penalty points should not be imposed. The final approach only applies where you are to be banned after totting up to 12 or more penalty points, here we arguing that banning you from driving will cause exceptional hardship to you or somebody else.

How we save your driving licence

Whether we are looking at special reasons or exceptional hardship the approach is the same. First, we identify the legal basis for your application. The most common special reasons are:, short distance driven, laced drinks or emergency and lack of knowledge, e.g. that insurance was withdrawn or a driving ban imposed.

Once we know our legal basis, we can begin collecting evidence. That might mean producing maps to show the distance you drove, or it could mean witness statements explaining how the witness will be impacted by you being disqualified from driving.

When we have collected all of the necessary evidence, we can put it into a bundle along with any relevant legal precedents to go before the judge who will make the decision. By presenting our evidence to the court before the hearing, we have an extra chance to persuade the judge to our point of view before the hearing even begins.

At court, you will be represented by a skilled advocate who will put your case to the court and seek to persuade the judge to find in your favour.

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