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London Drink Driving Solicitor is here to solve your legal motoring problems. Whatever criminal offence the police have accused you of committing; we can help. Despite the name, we don’t just do drink driving. We are experts in all areas of motoring law and can advise you from the early stages of an investigation right through to trial.

Our panel of in-house and independent London based advocates are all Masters of Advocacy who appear every day before the courts in and around London. They know the judges and the magistrates who sit in different areas and, importantly, what arguments will work to achieve the outcome you want.

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We want to know everything about your case and you. We need to know how the outcome will affect you. We will help you decide the best route through the judicial system for you to take, whether that’s an all out attack on the prosecution case or simply mitigating for you to minimise the sentence, you can rely on us to be in your corner helping you every step of the way.

“Thanks for all your help, totally amazing and professional service,” AW.

When you instruct us to help you, you can be sure that we will be doing everything in our power to fight your corner, make the unpleasant ride you are forced to take as easy as possible, and secure your acquittal.

Don’t take our word for it, you can see the outcome of our cases below and you can read feedback from real clients on Trustpilot.

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Our recent cases

The Case: R v AW

AW was accused of drug driving. She denied ever having used the drug in question. The defence position was that the prosecution expert had mis-identified a prescription drug she had been using as amphetamines.

The Result: Acquitted

We challenged the admissibility of the prosecution evidence as it did not comply with case law or the Criminal Procedure Rules.

The prosecution dropped the case against AW and she was awarded costs. Read more here.

Thanks for all your help, totally amazing and professional service.

The Case: R v MP

Police were called by a neighbour with an axe to grind against MP. The neighbour claimed that MP had been drink driving and that he had crashed into their car. They made a substantial claim to their insurers that their car had been seriously damaged in the incident. Through cross-examination we were able to show that the neighbours were both lying and MP had consumed alcohol after he got home where other neighbours were having a BBQ.

The Result: WIN

The neighbours were subsequently reported to the police by the insurance company for fraud following the acquittal. A costs order was made in MP’s favour.

The Case: R v AS

The police forced AS to go through the breath testing procedure without a solicitor or an interpreter despite hi being a foreign national who spoke limited English.


The prosecution case was dismissed at trial once it became clear that AS could not understand the instructions being given to him by the police officer.